Friûleconomy Book

Udine-based Massimo De Liva has published Friûleconomy, a book that reviews the economic history of Friuli from 1946 to the present day. Seventy years of the free market are described by the principal actors, the Friulians who lived through them and took part in the evolution of Friuli’s productive fabric.

It is a special pleasure for us to note that the citations include a piece of the history of Prosciuttificio Prolongo and the Prolongo family. The author interviews Lucio Prolongo, focusing on the postwar years in San Daniele del Friuli when many families were still bartering as “there wasn’t any money”. That was when Grandfather Giovanni, with the assistance of his wife Caterina and son Lucio, set up the independent business that is currently in its third generation. A wonderful example of Friulian passion and dedication!