“Facce di… Gusto” Photographic Exhibition

In the wake of “Facce da Chef” and “Facce di … Vite”, photographer Renato Vettorato exhibits his new portraits of “Facce di… Gusto”, in other words producers of excellence in the food sector. While maintaining a deliberately fun-provoking style, Vettorato has managed to find appealing angles on situations featuring craft workers and their products.

Prosciuttificio Prolongo will be part of this journey through the world of food in Triveneto. An intense, ironic image of Alessio Prolongo surrounded by his prosciuttos reminds us how craft work is a source of joy but also a never-ending challenge. We invite you to discover this for yourself during the period when the exhibition is open at the Galleria Teatro Accademico, Castelfranco Veneto, from 17 January till 22 February.

Another prize awaits you on 17 January 2015, the day of the exhibition’s inauguration. Choose your favourite photo and lucky participants will win products donated by the stars of this journey through the world of taste. You might even pick up a portion of Prolongo Prosciutto di San Daniele.

For now, enjoy the photo and the article that appeared in the online Turismo del Gusto magazine.

Foto vettorato picc