Prosciutto Crudo, Sliced 90g Bag

Ready-sliced Prosciutto Prolongo in a practical pack that keeps the product fresh for longer.

The vacuum-sealed bag of sliced prosciutto crudo has a shelf life of six months and should be kept in the refrigerator. Once open, prosciutto in the bag, like the fresh-sliced product, should be eaten within about four days.

For best results, open the bag, remove the first plastic film and wait for a few minutes before consuming. This makes the slices easier to detach.

Another idea for a starter with a difference: Serve slices of Prosciutto Prolongo with soft polenta.

Did you know? The tiny solid granules that you sometimes find in the lean meat are not grains of salt. they are simply harmless crystals of tyrosine, a natural substance deriving from the ageing of proteins and a guarantee of slow, unhurried maturation.

Net weight 90 g