Long-bladed Knife for Hand-slicing Prosciutto

Coltello per prosciutto di San Daniele Prolongo

An elegant long-bladed knife, ideal for hand slicing. Discover how good you are at slicing Prosciutto or give the knife with Prosciutto Prolongo to make a genuinely impressive gift.

An elegant long-bladed knife, ideal for hand slicing Prosciutto Prolongo.

The precise, razor-sharp blade is suitable for hand-slicing Whole Bone-in Prosciutto or – and why not? – a Boneless, Half Prosciutto or portioned cuts. Our elegant knife with its rosewood handle was created in the celebrated Maniago Knife District, a guarantee of Italian-made craft quality. The quality mark on the blade reassures you that you have made a value-driven purchase.

Combine the knife with other Prosciutto Prolongo products and find out how well you can slice, or give it as part of an impressive gift.