“Ritaglini” of mature Prosciutto crudo

The Prosciutto crudo “Ritaglini”, small hock or pieces, are delicacies for true experts that you can use to flavor all your recipes.

Perfect for cooking, they give that extra touch that will amaze even the most refined palates. Cut them into small cubes of the size you prefer and have fun creating the most surprising combinations.

In fact, they are perfect for gourmet dishes, delicate omelettes, creative savory pies, creative salads, lively sauces, refined risotto, rich dressing, tempting roasts, tasty sauces, tasty fillings, delicious stir-fried vegetables, colorful fruit skewers, delicious appetizer snacks and much more. Be inspired by our recipes.

They are vacuum packed in small hock or already in small pieces.

Indicative weight: 0,4 kg